At Green Yachts, we have heard many stories about boating during Covid19 and wow is it a tale of two different worlds.

Boaters with diesel engines have told stories of having to sit off the coast of Spain and have boats come out to deliver diesel because they couldn’t go into port. In Croatia, boaters were able to enter the ports, but not leave until restrictions were lifted. Megayachters have been shamed for taking so much fuel from island nations around the world with short supply driving up the price for locals who need fuel to go fishing.

On the other hand, boaters who have an electric motor, solar panels and a watermaker, told very different stories. One boater in the Caribbean, one with an electric boat, told us how his solar panels charged up his battery banks and he never worried about having enough energy to motor or to run his systems onboard. His shelter-in-place experience was relaxing.

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