Ecofriendly Antifouling Bottom Paint

Which do you want to choose?

Paint that is toxic to you

and our oceans

Paint that is friendly to you

and our oceans

Most boaters don’t realize that the bottom paint on their boats is a major source of pollution.  According to the Office of US Naval Research, in a study on pollution in the San Diego Harbor, 72% of the copper entering the water is due to discharges from antifouling paint and in-water hull cleaning?  We boaters can protect our hulls and our oceans at the same time by following these two steps:

Step One: Without doing any research, you can do one thing very simply.  Don’t ever allow a bottom paint with hard metals, specifically copper, to be put on your hull.  Never.Whenever you get your bottom painted, tell the boatyard you are having it done at that you do not want any bottom paint that ablates copper or other hard metals.

Step Two: Order/use one of the ecofriendly bottom paints below.

For very in-depth information from 2017 about eco-friendly bottom paint characteristics and performance, here is a report done for the State of Washington.

Washington State Antifouling Boat Paint Alternatives Assessment Report

Adaptive Surface Technologies’ SLIPS® is new to the market.  It’s an entirely new kind of marine bottom paint  Instead of ablating hard metals into the water to sluff off aquatic growth, it creates a super slippery surface aquatic growth can’t stick to.  It lasts 3-5 years and the slipper surface reduces fule costs 8% in powerboats.

In 8 years, you only need to paint the bottom of your boat twice saving you thousands of $$$ from not hauling and painting your boat as much not to mention what you save in fuel every time you use your boat.

Sailboat owners are in luck too.  You can go up to 8% faster making it a great alternative to Black Widow paint without having to burnish it every year – saving $$$.

Cost: $595 a gallon

Frequency: Manufacturer recommends applying every three to five years

In a 2017 study by by Northwest Green Chemistry, Ecominderhad the highest performance rating for a one-year coating.  It was also named a top boat paint performer in the San Diego Unified Port District, Safer Alternatives to Copper Antifouling Paints on Marine Vessels, research project.  It’s safe water-based formula is easy to apply, can be cleaned with soap and water and is compatible over most antifouling paints.

Cost: $150 a gallon

Frequency: Manufacturer recommends applying annually

Micron CF (Copper Free) is a multi-season, copper free antifouling that uses Biolux® Slime Blocking Technology to repel slime and Econea(tm) to combat zebra mussels and barnacles. Can be used on any power or sailboat, including aluminum hulls, and as a polishing antifouling, Micron CF will wear away to help reduce friction, improving fuel efficiency and reduce paint build-up.

Cost: $289 a gallon

Frequency: Manufacturer recommends applying every two to three years

Pacifica Plus is a copper free ablative antifouling with dual antifouling properties: Econea ™ for the control of barnacles and shell fouling, and Biolux® Slime Blocking Technology. It is a fast-drying, low VOC, high solid ablative antifouling which minimizes paint build-up. Suitable for all boats including sail, power and ideal for aluminum pontoon boats.  Pacifica Plus works well in high-growth areas and continue to be effective after haulout at the end of the season. In the spring, the paint is reactivated with a scrubbing or light sanding and you’re ready for another season. This is a huge time-saver for those living in northern climates.

Cost: $208 a gallon

Frequency: Manufacturer recommends applying every two years

Hydrocoat Eco is the newest member of Pettit’s exclusive water-based, copolymer ablative family of bottom paints. The highest level of metal-free ECONEA™ biocide available is combined with a powerful slime fighting inhibitor to provide unprecedented multi-season protection in the toughest marine environments. Innovative Hydrocoat Technology is used to replace the harsh solvents found in most bottom paints with water, providing an easier application and clean up, with low VOC’s, and no heavy solvent smell. Hydrocoat Eco’s co-polymer ablative paint film wears away with use allowing for a controlled release of biocides while eliminating paint build up and the need for sanding between coats. This copper-free formula is compatible over almost all bottom paints and is safe for use on all substrates including steel and aluminum. Hydrocoat Eco will not lose effectiveness when removed from the water.

Cost: $120 a gallon

Frequency: Manufacturer recommends applying every two years

Ultima Eco combines the breakthrough, metal-free ECONEA™ biocide with a powerful slime fighting agent for dual-biocide, multi-season protection. This copper-free formula can be safely used on all substrates, including aluminum. It provides excellent antifouling protection, with an ablative surface that makes it the perfect choice for both power and sailboats. Ultima Eco’s surface wears away over time, eliminating paint film build up and the need for sanding. It can be used on almost all previously painted surfaces in good condition. Ultima Eco contains 50% more ECONEA™ biocide than the competition, providing true multi-season performance. One or two coats per season are recommended for optimal performance. Ultimate Eco will not lose effectiveness when removed from the water.

Cost: $250 a gallon

Frequency: Manufacturer recommends applying every two years

Mission Bay Bottom Paint is a copper and solvent-free (CSF) ablative, self-polishing antifoulantthat uses  an enhanced, nano-based technology copolymer, biocide release mechanism. When exposed to UV light, the nano-based technology copolymer releases active copper-free biocide, which dissipates in seconds without bioaccumulation into the environment. Prevents coating buildup and reacts with UV light. Mission Bay may be used on aluminum hulls without the use of a traditional barrier coat system.

Cost: $225 a gallon

Frequency: Manufacturer recommends applying every two years

Smart Solution is the next generation in antifouling technology and is engineered to be the most effective environmentally friendly antifoulant available. Sea Hawk Smart Solution provides equivalent performance to traditional antifoulants, but utilizes completely METAL-FREE biocides resulting in no bioaccumulation in the environment. When launched, the coatings reaction to salt water creates a slick film that encapsulates the hull providing enhanced speed and premium performance against growth.

Cost: $194 a gallon

Frequency: Manufacturer recommends applying every two years

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