At Green Yachts, we love electric boats because they are quiet, don’t have the noxious fumes a diesel engine has, are easy to maintain and allow us to experience the natural joy of being on a sailboat without having to wait to turn off the diesel engine. It is the same for all of us who drive electric cars who love how great a driving experience is in an electric car compared to a gas car.

We also love Dolphin Paint, a silicone based paint that replaces the ablative paint most boaters use on their boat bottom because it lasts longer and makes a boat 8% faster.

But on this day, Earth Day, we also want to remember how critically important it is that we prioritize green living habits and green buying in order to reduce our human impact on our glorious and fragile Earth. We must take action now if our children and our children’s children will have an ocean with whales and other marine life to enjoy.

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