For a used boat with a well-built, functional electric motor with a good-sized battery bank, a boat buyer should expect to pay a premium and yet save money in the long run and also get their money’s worth for what they pay.

First, Green Yachts recommends caveat emptor regarding any used boat and used electric boats are no exception.  Even though there are less hidden issues one has to worry about buying a used electric boat compared to a used boat with a gas or diesel engine, Green Yachts highly recommends having a good surveyor survey any used boat that you want to purchase.  If your surveyor does not know much about electric motors, please have that surveyor contact Green Yachts and we are happy to help them with what to look for.  You can check out our blog on how to survey a used electric boat to learn more.

Second, a really good electric system is worth paying more for.

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