The world’s fastest production e-boat, the SAY 29E runabout by SAY Carbon and powered by a 360 kiloWatt electric motor, will be on display – and for sale – at the Düesseldorf Boat Show January 18 to 26.

The record of 50 knots (93 km/h, 57.5mph) was set June 24, 2018 on Lake Zell in Zell am See, Austria during the IONICA electric mobility trade fair and conference. The international powerboat authority UIM (Union International de Motonautic) brought two high speed video cameras to record and verify the record and presented the official certificate to SAY pilot Claas Wollschläger. During one of the runs the boat actually hit a speed of 95 kmh, but the speed record rules require 6 runs that are then averaged.

The verification is quite the process. The pilot needs to control the boat to navigate between two buoys on all 6 runs, and the videos from the cameras are synchronized to a time code that measures to the 10,000th of a second

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